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Hi, my name is Imran Baksh and I am a content writer with a fervent desire to become a brand in the field of Digital Marketing. Content is the key resource for winning the online game of business and I somehow managed to become a better player in it.

“Believe me, when people visit your website, they expect clear and organized information.”

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I think success stories are always incomplete.

Well, we both were just finished our class 12th exams that year (2015) and unfortunately we both didn’t take admission anywhere even after seven months of concluding our higher secondary education. Getting low scores in exams wasn’t the case here as we both got above 70%.

I was lying down on my bed when my bestie called me upon for a discussion on a very strange thing “song publishing”. And things turned around completely from that very meeting.

My friend told me that he has got a work of publishing the latest songs on a music website that will include some content in it. He offered me the same work and I agreed.

We both immersed ourselves in that work because that was yielding a good amount of dollars for us. But, by the end of 2016, we got several non-negotiable copyright strikes and our business almost ended.

I was disappointed as I had invested a valuable year of my life in that work but at the same time I figured out some exciting possibilities.

Instead of fearing the failure, I started a new website covering a different niche – jobs & career. Unfortunately, it was also stalled.

Doing that I learned a lot of things. After that, I embraced freelance writing as a life raft and simultaneously started pulling off my graduation.

I won’t say freelancing was a bad choice as I have literally gained enormous knowledge of various subjects, professions, and niches.

Now I’m here for you on this newly released website hoping for a query from your side. If you’re looking for an experienced content writer who could charge your website with valuable content, get in touch today!

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