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5 Tools You Can Use To Create SEO-Friendly Content

With the bang in the use of social media and video content consumption throughout the world, one may assume that older mediums like blogging have actually taken a hit. However, blogging content is still very effective to generate leads and spread awareness.

Every blogger or digital content writer who puts her efforts into researching, brainstorming, and producing content wants to have maximum views and reads on her content. For online entrepreneurs and businesses, having an SEO-friendly content strategy is vital to get an edge over competitors.

Your content must be well-optimized to rank well in search engines and to do that effectively you can use some popular digital tools.

1.) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools offered by Google that allows website owners to track and report website traffic. However, it can be a bit complicated for beginners who are not familiar with the technicalities of these kinds of web tools.

You can use Google Analytics in a number of ways to optimize your content for search engine rankings. For example, you can use Google Analytics Site Search Report to identify what type of content is of interest to your visitors and what they actually look for when they land on your website.


This will help you recognize the potential topics you’re missing that could bring a good amount of traffic to it. You may also use other tools provided by Google such as PageSpeed Insights,¬†Keyword Planner, and Search Console if you want to see some serious results out of your content.

2.) Answer the Public

Answer the Public is one of my favorite tools for keyword research. As soon as you visit this website, you’ll be noticing a man on your screen giving you a kind of wistful smile who’s insisting you to discover something using the tool. So what happens here is you can just enter whatever keyword you want in the box and type on search button and it will find questions for you related to that keyword. These are the most frequently searched terms related to that specific keyword.


For example, if you want to know what people are looking for related to “digital marketing”, you may type this and click on that yellow search button. It will just take a few seconds to give you the most searched questions related to digital marketing. You can import this data in CSV format and use it to produce SEO-friendly content.

3.) Hemingway App

Hemingway app is an amazing tool for writers who want to create clearer and more effective posts. It is a web-based app that helps you to write like Ernest Hemingway. Well, Ernest Hemingway was an eminent United States author who wrote in a very simple and clear manner yet he became one of the United States’ most celebrated authors.

This tool is basically designed to improve the readability of your post which is also an essential part of SEO. By using this tool, you can ensure your text doesn’t have any grammatical issues and is easy to be understood.


You can simply copy and paste your text in this app. Each of the highlights that you can see on your screen shows a different thing that you can fix. The yellow highlights or show you long & complicated sentences that you can probably split up.

The red highlights show even longer more difficult to read sentences. Purple highlights show verbs that can be replaced with a shorter, simpler, more direct, and more effective verb. Blue highlights are usually going to be adverbs but sometimes they are other words that reduce the effectiveness of your writing or make your business writing piece less powerful.

The green highlights show the passive voice. In general, the passive voice is frowned upon in business writings but there should not be an issue if you’re using it in your blogs. The other information the Hemingway app gives you is the readability score.

To ensure you’re writing user-friendly and SEO-friendly articles, you can undoubtedly use this app.

4.) BuzzSumo

Content publishers often feel shattered when they come across writer’s block. The reason why writers struggle to keep the consistent flow of their writing can be many but the most common one is they don’t draft their ideas before plunging on an MS Word file or WordPress blog to write the content. If you want to create effective content that influences your readers then you must be ready be clear content ideas and insights you’re going to put in the content.

buzzsumo content writing tool

BuzzSumo is a popular platform for publishers who regularly share content on social media. So if you’re someone who has the responsibility to feed social media accounts of clients with sharable and insightful content, then this tool can greatly help.

This tool allows you to search for the most-popular or most-shared content on social media, trending topics, and top influencers. This the tool that can help you take your content marketing efforts to the next level. It helps you create unique content so that you stand out from the crowd. It helps you hunt those hot topics for which people actually look for in their browsers and helps you avoid wasting time on writing posts that people won’t bother to delve into.

5.) Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is actually a website which is one of my favorites. It is a vast multifarious platform that hosts a combination of tools and features to help its users. There is perhaps no content for which I spared this website and didn’t use for improvisations. And I don’t see any reason not to utilize Small SEO Tools because it’s such a free gift.

small seo tool for writing seo friendly content

Using this platform you can improve your content in many ways. This allows you to check plagiarism in your content for free. If you have less time but need a good blog post simply to create a backlink to your original site, you can use ‘Article Rewriter’ which is there on this site, absolutely free. You can check grammatical errors, count number of words in your article, check incorrect spellings, translate from US English to UK English, and check Uppercase and Lowercase using this tool. In short, it’s worth visiting to create SEO-friendly content copy.

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